My first languages were Python, CSS3, and HTML5. I started learning them each day after school of my sophomore year of high school and would always practice them on the weekends. I was soon captivated with the ability to create web pages from just tapping at a keyboard. While Python became my new calculator. The summer came around and I was told I had the ability to continue my lessons, and I was eager to learn more. I was also excited about the opportunity because I would be taking the classes over at the NOVA Alexandria Campus. During that summer though I was introduced to SQL Databases, Javascript, and Bottle (A server-side framework written in python). The classes had many students but only I was learning Bottle at the time. Often I would have my neighbor (the student next to me in class) ask me for assistance and I was always able to help. That feeling of knowing and being able to explain something technical was a great feeling. During the class I also helped my teacher work on projects he was making that he would use as a 'zoo' for his future class. Every app I helped complete made me feel honored from seeing my name on the app. Knowing I also had made a marvelous app that took data and was able to preform computations left me with a great sense of accomplishment. When Junior year came around I signed up for Dual Enrollment classes which would allow me to continue taking the classes I enjoyed, though however that year I had to take a college prep class. The actual fun class I got to do was an 'Intro to Applications'. One that wasn't to fun but was mandatory for me to get the credits needed to get my Career Studies Certificate before graduating Highschool. Which would make a marvelous reward. During this year though, I was able to play around and work on my skills with building Apps which used both Javascript and Bottle. Letting me create wonderful applications with great dynamic interfaces. I openly admit, my eye for design was subpar, but I considered myself more a Developer rather a designer anyway. I also however from that moment to next summer and leading into Senior year I was introduced to my teacher's brother. He was a professional Software Developer that spent many years in the field. He was also what I considered "OCD" at the time, but soon learned was just a stickler for beautiful code. The time frame of that summer to my graduation my new mentor would meet with me through Google Hangouts during class and I would have to wear headphones since I was officially the only one in the class. Not many students had made it this far in the curriculum. With my new mentor my mind on Python expanded greatly. I was also introduced to GitHub, the conventions of Python, but most importantly Django. Django became my new bread and butter for Back End development, because it was just so powerful and had such an amazing community you could interact with. I also introduced to the concepts of Big Data, and attended a few meet-ups around DC and Arlington which specialized in the field. The knowledge I learned over that course of time was just so grand, and it wasn't just knowledge which would be serve one purpose, it helped me expand and find new technologies as well to expand with. As well as to help me connect with more people.